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New York City regulations require that all exit signs and emergency lights:

   • Follow New York City Electrical Code (meets UL certification)

   • Illuminate an average of 2 foot-candle or 22 lux

   • Illuminates a minimum at any point of 0.2 foot-candle or 2.15 lux measured along the path of egress at floor level

   • The sign lettering is MANDATED to be red.

   • The height of letters shall be not less than 6 inches (152 mm), except

   • 8 inches (203 mm) or higher lettering is required in theaters/concert halls and Shelter/Fraternity/Sorority House occupancies.

   • Must be of metal or other durable materials

NYC-EXIT.COM TIP: An Exit Sign/Emergency Light combination unit uses less space, requires less energy, and costs less to install and maintain than a separate exit sign and emergency light.

NYC Exit Sign/Emergency Light Combos